bakunawa kamisa dress

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The limited-edition Bakunawa Kamisa Dress is inspired by the pastoral paintings of women working the rice fields dressed in our traditional clothing.

We wanted to make kamisas and ternos for your daily life. We want you to wear this and be comfortable, feeling like you can tackle whatever the day requires.

Part of our collection called Simula, this dress tells some of the stories culled from the creation myths of the Philippines. 

It is embroidered it with Bakunawa on the shoulder and a crescent moon on the hip.

One story goes that there used to be seven moons in our skies, but Bakunawa, a terrible serpent that is the cause of eclipses and earthquakes, devoured six of them.

We are making only 6 of this dress. Each dress is numbered: 1/6, 2/6, 3/6, 4/6, 5/6 or 6/6. We will not be making any more after the 6 runs out.


This is a free-size dress. There are drawstrings and ties to adjust fit.

It is made of red cotton.

Size Guide -
Shoulder width: 20 inches
Max bust: 43 inches
Max waist: 46 inches
Max hips: 48 inches
Length: 40 inches

Our model Leona is 5'4" feet, and usually wears a size S.

Care: Handwashing recommended, or machine-wash on cold, gentle cycle. Iron.

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