ATIN LINE Black Dukesa Clutch

Regular price ₱6,000.00

This Dukesa Clutch is a hand-sewn bag made from luxe satin and a local cotton textile called mata-mata. The cotton is grown and then handwoven in the northern Luzon region of the Philippines. 

The Dukesa is 6 inches high, with a base 10.5 inches long. It will fit all the essentials - your smartphone, keys, money, credit card, and a tube of lipstick. 

Other materials: YKK zipper. Black fabric lining. Nylon string. Recycled leather tassels. 



How we make our fabric components:

The recycled textile comes from discontinued samples of luxe upholstery fabric, and from cuttings from designers' tables.

We hand-cut circles 2.5 inches from the cloth. 

These circles are then worked on by our women partners from a disadvantaged community in Las Pinas. They hand-sew and fill each of these circles to make the fabric components.

When the components find their way back into our workshop, we employ more hand-sewing techniques to transform them into the objects our customers enjoy.

Each Dukesa we make in the Good Luck, Humans workshop has its own unique combination of fabric components - no two are ever the same. 


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