Lucky Buttons Coin Purse in Ocean Blue

Regular price ₱1,200.00

Keep your loose change together in a Lucky Button Coin Purse.

This batch of coin purses is a collection of just four one-of-a-kind hand-sewn coin purses made from this mix of recycled fabric in Blue Ocean.

Each of the Lucky Buttons that make up this bag is hand-cut and hand-sewn from recycled fabric.

The coin purse is 4 inches high, with a base 5 inches long. 

Other materials: YKK zipper. Black fabric lining. Nylon string. Glass and fabric beads.

You will get a coin purse from this batch of Lucky Button Coin Purses in Blue Ocean. Each is unique, but similar to the others. Please allow us to pick one for you from this collection of four purses.



How we make our fabric beads:

First, we hand-cut circles 2.5 inches from the cloth. These circles are then worked on by our women partners from a disadvantaged community in Las Pinas. They hand-sew and fill each of these circles to make the fabric components.

When the components find their way back into our workshop, we employ more hand-sewing techniques to transform them into the objects our customers enjoy.

Each object we make in the Good Luck, Humans workshop has its own unique combination of fabric components - no two are ever the same. 




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