Negros Fruit Dove Unisex T-shirt no. 3

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This is T-shirt no. 3 in a limited edition set of four numbered Negros Fruit Dove T-shirts.

We use a fresh new technique that we call embroidered drawing to draw and embroider the elusive Negros Fruit Dove on the front of our oversized unisex T-shirts.

This species is endemic to the island of Negros. The Negros Fruit Dove has not been definitively reported since its original discovery in 1953, and is currently classified as Critically Endangered.

This a loose, roomy garment that can be worn by both men and women.


You are getting the exact shirt in the second photo.


Size Guide -

Free Size.
The maximum bust it can accommodate is 52 inches. The length is 28.5 inches. The armhole is 20 inches.  Neckline is 23 inches.

Our model JC is 5'2" feet, and usually wears a size S.


Material: Medium-weight black denim

Care: Handwashing recommended

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