Leigh Shoulder Bag

Regular price ₱8,250.00

The Leigh Shoulder Bag is our first bag with a leather handle. Grab it on your statement days. Your bag for when you want to tell the world: I'm a tad artsy, a bit adventurous, and really a whole lot of fun!

It has more than 200 individually handsewn fabric balls. (Oh, yeah, it's your bag for when you're feeling ballsy, as well.)

The bag measures 13 inches high, 12 inches long, and 2.5 inches wide. The leather handle is 27 inches long.

The recycled textile comes from discontinued samples of luxe upholstery fabric, and from cuttings from designers' tables. Each bag has its own unique combination of fabric samples - no two are the same.

Other materials: Canvas fabric lining. 

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