How do you smock a dress?

How do you smock a dress?

How do we smock your dress?

After we have finalized our dress design and have decided on the smocking stitch we are using, we map our stitch pattern using a pencil, a ruler, and tracing paper. 

It's a process that looks like this:

And the stitch pattern produced often resembles this:

We then use pins to poke holes through strategic points on the stitch pattern.

These holes let us apply a washable ink to our fabric through a a stencilling process. We scrape the ink over the tracing paper, letting the liquid flow through the holes we had made and leave dotted marks on the textile positioned below.

These dots serve us our sewing guide. We run needle and thread through them, smocking the fabric into different shapes. 

When we are done, we have a length of beautifully textured fabric, ready for sewing together to make your dress!

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