Style Tips

Style Tips

We love the distinctive and very personal approach to dressing up of stylist Anne Bella (@stylistofsorts on IG). She's obviously a confident woman who aims to please no one but herself. And we absolutely adore it!

In this series of photos, she wears some key pieces from our latest collections her own way. She also gives us tips to help us achieve more styled looks.

Robin dress

Anne's tip: "A dramatic dress doesn't need much else. Accessorize a high neckline with delicate earrings or, in this case, a pearl choker-turned-bracelet that gives due attention to your wrist. Finish the cocktail-party look with sage fishnets and a sparkly shoe for a fun twist! This is also a great dress to tuck your hair in for a 'new' look if you're long-tressed. It's an outfit made for a shorter 'do or low pony."

Emeline peasant top

Anne's tip: "A linen peasant top practically begs for a summer look, hence the city shorts and flats, both in leopard print. The soft mint shade goes brilliantly with chocolate brown, offsetting each other beautifully. You can opt for blue jeans or white shorts to be on the safe side... but where's the fun in that?"

honeycomb dress

Anne's tip: "LBD but make it quirky! A lightweight hat ideal for our weather plus dotted stockings and a sparkly bag turns this classic frock into a fun canvas for anything! Couldn't resist adding pearls by way of eyeglass chains for that one nod to Audrey (and have Breakfast at Tiffany's)."

Roxy top

Anne's tip: "Play with contrasts and the unexpected. Pair this sweet gingham tie top with track pants and a beanie just because. Note that the colors still have to work together (pink + red + primary shades) when doing a trendy look. Add a printed clutch within the color family and simple white Birks to tie them all together."

Stella jumpsuit

Anne's tip: "This is a super easy to wear jumpsuit to be worn as is year-round, save for air-conditioned rooms where you might need a structured blazer to keep you warm. Another option is to layer a thin tee underneath for a different look. Opted to style it with black and green accessories to keep it looking fresh." 

Martha shirt

Anne's tip: "Perks of being petite: it's ok to wear tops as a dress. Not to worry, there are bike shorts underneath to keep things PG! An ideal summer party frock, the cool eyelet fabric lets the air in during hot days... that's coming soon. Pepper the look with an applique velvet headband and matching sandals plus a contrasting rattan purse for that splash of color and tropical vibe."

Want these pieces? You can find them all here.


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