Last week, we asked our valued customers (that's you!) to tell us what they think of what we make, and their experience with purchasing these at goodluckhumans.com. Here's what you said:

"The products are well-made, comfortable, beautiful, made with care. I love the fact that it is helping preserve handmade arts and crafts as a way of life." - Aileen Ongkauko

"I bought the Roxy dress in gingham blue and it’s both pretty and versatile. The fabric is light, the cut is flattering, and the hand-smocked detail makes it feel special." - Rachel Yulo

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"It is always a smooth process. The website is easy to navigate. After completing an order, I don't think about it anymore as I know I will receive it soonest. Queries via direct message or email are attended to promptly and pleasantly." - Ranhel Perez

"I like the designs, especially the embroidery." - Maria Rowena Tecson

"Good Luck, Humans pieces are unique and quirky yet, super comfy. The team really gets to know their customers. It always amuses me when I'm told, 'It also comes in black!' They know me too well. Also, excellent after-sales.  When I wanted pockets in the dresses, they put in the pockets.  I asked to have a turtle neck adjusted, and now it fits much better." - Eliza Rehal

"The smocking! I love it. Super fast, super efficient, no delays or problems!" - Lia Marcos

"The Celia dress is very comfortable to wear, soft, and unique." - Luz Maria del Rosario

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"They are handmade and unique! Buying from the website is easy, customer service is good." - Ria Limjap

"(I like) the craftmanship and quality of the product. Transaction from the website to communication with staff about shipment was smooth and easy." - Dianna Argana

"Unique designs that are very nice to wear, plus very comfortable too! No complaints, website very easy to navigate, and appreciate the personal texts regarding shipping and new collections." - Caissa Tangco Abao

"I love that it’s locally made, sustainable, upcycled, and gorgeous!  Anything done by hand for me is also done with love and intent and happiness, and that’s something I want to support and applaud. 

The experience is wonderful. I love how hands-on and maybe somewhat small the team is, because customers are given the chance to get to know them and a big part of a brand really is the people behind it. Of course it’s a plus that the products are lovely and comfy and worth buying." - Patty Camacho

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"(I like) the wearability. Dress it up or down to wear it well, anywhere, bringing down significantly the PPW (price per wear)." - Dagny Ayaay

"Meeting Apol in person at a pop-up when I bought my first GLH sealed the deal. She vibed with me and my 'maingay' friends and asked if we were from UP (we were) because of said noise factor. 😆" - Klarina Ulpindo

"Clothes are beautiful, relatively unique as well as comfortable." - Maria Lida Sarmiento

"Website interface is user friendly, delivery is fast, and packaging is well thought out. SMS and email marketing are efficient and not hard sell." - Gen Enriquez Gerodias

"The one who who assisted me on IG was very accommodating. Love that I was informed too that my dress was on the way. And that shipping is free. And love the personal stories in the website." - January Abrenica

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"(I like) the craftsmanship and the quality of the material. Purchasing from the site was easy, and someone kept in touch, through text, to keep me updated with the progress of the order. Up until now, I am still updated through text whenever there are new collections and I appreciate the effort." - Erryel Monreal

"I ordered the BBD, and I love it! It’s comfortable, stylish, and well-made. And, also, POCKETS!" - Owen Santos

"Your creations are comfortable and wearable.  I like that I can wear them and be a girly girl.  Bonus is I do not need to worry about ill fit because... loose and forgiving cut. The smocks remind me of childhood too. 💜 This is also about helping womenfolk, correct?  So we dress nice na, we help others pa. The process is very simple. Communications is also easy. Flexibility to adjust design for best fit is a plus. Thankful that for non-customs, prompt delivery is done.  For customs, the price is not an exorbitant additional." - Ube Uygongco-Chua

"(I like) the pretty details of each piece of clothing. I love the embroidery, the smocking, and the comfort of each piece. I like that you use linen and cotton for most of your clothes, and I enjoy that each design is made to comfortably fit bodies of all shapes and sizes.  I am very grateful that you always accommodate my requests for larger custom sizes and custom designs. I am also thankful for the efficient delivery of the clothes as orchestrated by Shayne.  Lastly, I enjoy the way you package the clothes and always look forward to receiving a Good Luck, Humans bag, opening it to see each folded piece neatly tied with a teal ribbon. It’s like receiving a gift each time." - Vicky Lim Ortega

"Cute clothes. Over all, it was great! Customer service is highly satisfactory." - Karina Del Rosario


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