How to Style a Country Table

How to Style a Country Table

A country tablescape

A visit to Casa San Pablo is instantly inspiring. The rooms are decorated with found objects and thrifted treasures that somehow coexist harmoniously with the contemporary art hanging on the walls. If you had to put a name to it, you'd call this hip country chic. There's a sense of everything coming together without much effort, but many decorators will tell you that this effortless look is one of the hardest styles to achieve!

Country style tablescape

Credit for the styling goes to An Alcantara and her husband Boots. They are Casa San Pablo's owners, or innkeepers as they like to be called. Usually based in Metro Manila, An has relocated full-time to San Pablo to steer the inn through the bumpy road of the new normal. 

Country Table

Good Luck, Humans founder Apol Massebieau visited An recently, to ask her to share some inspiration with us during these long days of quarantine by way of a country-style tablescape. "An was my boss at Good Housekeeping magazine," says Apol. "She was always a master at putting things together in that perfect way."

Country-style table Aside from taking care of the rooms, An also runs a restaurant on the premises, hosts movie nights in the garden, and organizes weddings on the grounds. Her styling skills are perpetually on display.
You can book to stay at Casa San Pablo by calling 0917-8126687. Or go to www.
Country style table
 The centerpiece is rambutan harvested from their trees.

Country Table detailThe mismatched plates are thrift-store finds.

Country Table detailAn herself made the cute clay carabao.


BIG TIP: "Be Yourself!"

Watch the video to learn how An puts everything together with her effortless country style.



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