Lucky Necklace - stout

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The Lucky Necklace is a lariat made of our recycled Lucky Buttons.  Perfect for textile addicts and color lovers.

This is the Stout Version of our famous necklace. The Lucky Buttons are bigger; the total length is shorter at 34 inches. The necklace falls around the breast area.

The recycled textile we use for the Lucky Buttons comes from discontinued samples of luxe upholstery fabric, and from cuttings from designers' tables. 

It comes in a canvas pouch printed with these words:

"Inside this bag is a Lucky Necklace.

A lucky charm, the Lucky Necklace is made of many Lucky Buttons, pouches of hope sewn by a happy group of humans formerly unskilled and unemployed, now proudly working. Meditate on the hours it took to sew the tiny buttons one by one. Perseverance wins.The fabric is scrap saved from landfills. Good for the planet, good for you. Don’t forget that small things matter. The flowers on the buttons are there to remind you that hope blooms eternal."

Other materials: Cotton thread. Cotton tassel. Glass beads. 


Please allow us to pick a Lucky Necklace for you from our collection. Choose your tassel color: yellow, green, blue, blue-green, pink, or orange.

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