Why handcrafted?

Why handcrafted?

hand crafting

In this first of a series of blog posts, GLH founder Apol Massebieau shares her thoughts about why our sewing studio invests time and effort on hand-crafting techniques.


Public speakers will tell you that there is power in the pause.

It was while I was living in a European country where I couldn't understand much  for the year that it took me to learn the language that I understood that this is true for life, as well. Taking pauses is important.

After that year was over, I became a fictionist (a big dream), and I found my life's calling as a creative entrepreneur. Because of that time I spent cut off from the usual noise of social interactions, my mind began to wake up.


Pauses are necessary to a life well-lived. You can't just keep on going forward without having to stop. Everything that you see on the website is made using some form of hand-crafting technique because we want to remind you of that. 

Each one of these techniques - making Lucky Buttons, smocking, and embroidery - requires for us to sit down, shut off distractions, and focus on the meticulous task at hand. The making of these items is a meditation, a pause.

Maybe, as you hold one of the things we've made, you'll be moved to gift yourself with a few moments to become still. 


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