Visiting Paris

Visiting Paris

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To scratch our travel itch, we love scrolling through the Instagram feeds of friends living in beautiful far-off places. We're particularly infatuated with @mypeasantfeet, the IG account of Patricia Callasan Corre, a 53-year-old teacher living in the Parisian suburb of Vexin.
What Patricia shows us is not the Paris of the tourist, filled with museums, restaurants, and shops. Her is the Paris of the long-time resident living away from the city.

Her images are a balm to our frazzled spirits. They are calm and quiet, filled with details that speak of a slow country life. Vexin, after all, is primarily an agricultural region.  “I live in a small village with a population of about 850," she says.

Talking to her shows that her pictures are a window into her mind as, like the rest of the world, she tries to make sense of the pandemic. “The crisis has forced me even more to think about what and who really matter, what I really care about, what sustains me. I think we need to look back at how we were living. Why were people so busy, always in a hurry?”
And so we take a moment to enjoy life with her. We admire  the way light plays on a field of cut grass. We wonder when we can feed a horse some apples and carrots. We pause to admire a neighbor's roses.

She says, "Often, it's a troubled and terrifying world and people may also find solace in the snapshots of my ‘paradise.’”

And so we do.

Scroll below for some of our favorite snaps of Patricia's country life.

gerberoy house
hello patricia
Sunday walk
golden field
cheval dans les champs
country road


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