Process: how we make our Embroidered Drawings

Process: how we make our Embroidered Drawings

Every month we try to sew for you new clothes that have a bit of fun and originality to them. We want to make things that will give you good vibes.

This first month of the year is also our founder Apol Massebieau's birth month, so we decided to go back to our roots and make a collection Apol used in her early days, when it was just her and her hand-me-down Singer. 

The technique is called Embroidered Drawings. It’s a combination of Apol's drawing on fabric, some freehand sewing machine embroidery, and hand-embroidery. We’re applying it this time to make birds endemic to the Philippines. The vibe is a lot handmade, a little artsy, and with a touch of the instinctive. 

We made a video so you can see how it's done!

shop embroidered drawings



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