Good Luck, Humans at the Katutubo Pop-Up

Good Luck, Humans at the Katutubo Pop-Up

Katutubo Dec 2020 poster

We have to celebrate Christmas!

We've been saying it since last month, in the first issue of our rebooted blog. And a big part of what makes Christmas merry is the wonderful opportunity to give gifts to the people important to us.

We have you covered with the new pieces in our Pasko collection.

But, if you prefer buying presents in real life, we'll be at the Katutubo Pop-up Market from Dec 4 to 6. It's at the Curve Tower in BGC.

Safety considerations: Everybody is required to wear masks and face shields. There is contact tracing. There will be but a select few vendors, so it will not get crowded. The entire place is sterilized before the beginning of each new shopping day.

A plus: Parking is free for all clients who make a purchase. Just have the cashier stamp your receipt, and show this to the security guards as you drive out.

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