A Christmas Tablescape

christmas table

Good Luck, Humans client Antoinette Bravo is a self-proclaimed "plate addict" and "tablescaper." Long before the pandemic made tablescaping a national pastime, Antoinette had been setting her tables even for daily meals as if there were a party!

We asked her to give us some inspiration for a Christmas setting, and she set up this table rich in delight. Here, in her own words, Antoinette tells us about her tablescaping philosophy:

"Putting in the effort to style a table says so much about how special your family or guests are to you. For me it’s my language of love.

Most of my guests usually come somewhere so far, and sat for hours in traffic, so I want to give them the feeling that it was all worth the trip.

I want to satisfy not only their sense of taste with the meal, but also their sense of sight by doing tablescapes. I think of their sense of smell as well, by making sure they catch a whiff of scented oil the moment they enter the door. Their sense of hearing is also taken care of, as the music playing will match the theme or the occasion.

My tips? 

Have a theme in mind so it will not look wishy washy.

Use materials you already have in the house.

Play with different heights and textures. 

Blue and white plates are always good to collect. May mabasag man, you can mix them up regardless of the design. 

Bottomline: Life is short so make every day a special day. Use those special plates. Enjoy every meal together with family and a few friends, especially during this pandemic."

Christmas tablescape
Christmas tablescape
Christmas tablescape
Christmas tablescape
Christmas tablescape
Christmas tablescape
Christmas tablescape

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