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Designer You

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Do you have an awesome product idea?

One thing we have learned in the four years we've been sewing here at Good Luck, Humans is that some of the best ideas come from you, our clients.

So we're giving you the chance to submit an idea for a product that you are absolutely convinced we must make.

It can be a piece of clothing, a bag, an accessory, a home piece, or something we haven't done yet at all. Surprise us.

When you submit your suggestion, please be as detailed as possible. Describe the product: Who is it for? What is it? How does it look? How big is it? Which of our techniques will be used to make it?

If we pick your product idea for development, we'll give you the very first piece we ever make of it. We'll also publish an article here on the blog about how you thought of it. Let's tell our slice of the Internet how you designed the piece!

Are you ready? 

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